Scientific Shenanigans

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and a retiree’s dilemma! Never one to be idle for long, retirement occasionally finds Will D underfoot in Hellen’s kitchen creating culinary concoctions. One such potion is his infamous chocolate sauce, found in Mississippi State University’s cookbook Bully’s Bites, and shared here with permission from the chef.

Will D's Chocolate Sauce 4 inches

Will D’s Chocolate Sauce

5 Squares of chocolate total (can be 3 of either)

2 squares semi-sweet
3 squares unsweetened
1½ cups sugar, stir until the white disappears
¾ stick butter
1cup evaporated milk
Melt the chocolate over low heat and then add the sugar.
Stir until the white disappears and then add the butter and
continue stirring until it melts. Add the evaporated milk and stir
until well blended.
Best served over chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

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