Q In hindsight, was the decision to go to Purdue your best choice, and aside from the obvious, how did that decision affect the direction of your career?

A: The most straight forward, honest answer to that is that in all aspects of graduate school, I fit into the category of “better to be lucky than smart.” There were so many good things that happened to me as a result of going to Purdue, which I cannot claim credit for. Certainly things could have gone well at Iowa State or Cornell, but several things transpired over a period of five years that impacted my professional life: being allowed to work under Dr. Beevers, having my post-doc cancelled, lucking out on my interview with Monsanto, getting the S-3 assignment in the 303rd AA Group, and having Mary Stiller and Al Chiscon as friends all had a significant bearing on how my life evolved. If one really believed that that the left hind foot of a rabbit brought good luck, there would still be three-legged rabbits hopping around in Indiana.


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