Q: What was the most important benefit you received from being in the military, and what was your greatest contribution?

A: I learned many things during my time in the active reserves and while on active duty. First, I had to obtain the maximum value from my people, regardless of the people and the situation, and I could not make excuses, because I was responsible for them. I learned that everyone can do more than they think they can, which applies to me as well.
My contributions are not earthshaking. I was in active reserves and active duty from 1948 to 1961, during which time I was given assignments that were well above my rank, and I carried out my duties as well as possible. The fundamental point for all who serve in military is that for whatever reasons, our country asked that we serve, and we did serve, even when it was not so popular to do so. But among the most important aspects of my life is that I served my country for 14 years in the Naval Reserves and Army and Army Reserves; and for 25 years on the chemical weapon treaty efforts.


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