St Louis Science Center Hosts Lecture

lecture SLSC]

A full house gathered at the St. Louis Science Center on March 3, 2015, to hear the most recent talk given by Dr. Will D. Carpenter as he continues his lecture series. The event and the lecture, “The Chemical Industry and the Chemical Weapon’s Treaty,” was co-sponsored by Webster University, UMSL and the St. Louis Science Center.

With in-depth knowledge of the process that brought about the highly significant Chemical Weapon’s Treaty, Dr. Carpenter was able to enlighten and entertain the audience of interested listeners. Dr. Carpenter cited numerous examples of the interesting international figures with whom he dealt during the 20 year experience, and gave insightful illustrations of the situations that developed along the way.

The talk centered on the participation of the U.S. Chemical companies during the 19 year process that led to the treaty. The industry was on-board and cooperative throughout the process, and Dr. Carpenter has first-hand knowledge of that fact.


“For a period of almost 20 years — from 1978 to the signing of the convention in 1993, to the ratification in 1997 — the U.S. government and the U.S. Chemical Industry worked together in an absolutely unprecedented way to achieve a treaty that now has about 200 nations participating in the most complex treaty ever, and the first to ever involve industry.


The St Louis Science Center did a magnificent job of organizing the event providing a lovely reception before the talk, and bringing together a group that was comprised of members from the three entities who co-sponsored the event, and others from the St. Louis community. The guest list was also embraced many old friends and business associates, including Dr. Carpenter’s long-time secretary, Alice Nichols.

will and alice slscThe St. Louis Science Center was generous enough to purchase a number of the books chronicling Dr. Carpenter’s life, will d…a life in science, and books were also purchased on-sight at the event. Dr. Carpenter happily signed books before and after the talk, giving him a chance to visit with old friends, and an opportunity to get acquainted with a few new ones.

In mid-March Dr. Carpenter underwent a surgical procedure to repair a back injury which he incurred during the Korean War. The lecture series will resume after his “all to brief” recovery period from that surgery. In typical Will D fashion, he’s chomping at the bits to get back to work!

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