Almost back in business!

     Well, I had a knee-replacement last week, so I’m just about ready to start running marathons again!!! Okay, maybe I never ran marathons, but I can finally at least walk to the car without being in excruciating pain! And, soon, I’ll be able to almost out walk Hellen when she’s chasing me!

    Everyone who’s had the knee-replacement surgery assured me that I would be glad in the end that I did it, and I have to say, this is the first time in a long while that I have some relief from the pain. I’m doing what the doctors and physical therapists tell me to do, and hopefully, I’ll be walking normally again very soon.
I’ve had excellent care from both my Dr., the hospital staff, and the physical therapists, and I thank them all for their expertise and help. My daughter, Celeste and her husband, Rick have been here helping since before the surgery, and they have been an enormous help to both Hellen and me, and my son, Bill has been here on and off before and since the surgery to help out too. Of course, I couldn’t do anything without Hellen’s loving care and around-the-clock attention.

     Many thanks to everyone for the calls, cards, visits and support while I’ve been temporarily out of commission.

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