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will d…a life in science

publish date: October 17, 2014

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Scientific knowledge and strong leadership fuse to feed and protect the world

A Career spanning six decades placed Dr. Will D Carpenter in a whirlwind of change in the world of Agricultural Science, and at the heart of one of the most important world peace related strategies of the twentieth century. will d…a life in science takes a close look at the strong-willed leader from early life in the Mississippi Delta, to farms and chemical peace treaty negotiations all over the world.

St. Louis, Missouri, August 15, 2014—Front Porch Press, LLC announces the publication release of will d…a life in science on October 17, 2014. In the course of Dr. Will D Carpenter’s expansive career he was not only at the forefront of the commercialization of one of the most momentous agricultural products in history, but as the chemical industry’s primary representative, he had a significant role in the creation, signing and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

Insuring food for millions was the conviction that drove Dr. Carpenter in his efforts to test and promote products which would benefit agricultural communities world-wide. The same strong moral conviction and belief system accompanied him as he testified and negotiated throughout his many years of involvement with the development and ultimate realization of the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

Present for some of the most significant events of our times, Dr. Carpenter interacted with many  notable politicians and leaders of the twentieth century, and was considered a friend by a number of them. In intimate detail, will d…a life in science describes the remarkable career of a man who had a profound influence on agricultural science, had a significant role in the realization of the Nobel Peace winning treaty, and who has failed miserably at retirement.

For complete details on the life and career of Dr. Will D. Carpenter please peruse this web site: and visit his Facebook and Linkein pages.

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Deborah Fagan Carpenter




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