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Honors and Awards resized

Dr. Carpenter has been recognized many times for his achievements in the science world. Below is a list of some of his awards and honors, and his impressive career and retirement accomplishments:


Purdue University Old Master’s Program – 1980

Weed Science Society of America Society Fellow – 1983

Mississippi State University Agricultural Alumni Achievement Award – 1987

Purdue University school of Science Alumni Award – 1991

Mississippi State University alumni Fellow – 1992

Rene Dubos Environmental Award – 1992

Hilliard Roderick Prize and Medal in science, Arms Control, and International Security – 1992

Weed Science Society of America Outstanding Industry Member – 1994

Mississippi State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Alumni of the Year – 1997

Purdue University Honorary Doctorate of Science – 1999

University of Missouri, St Louis Honorary Doctorate of Science – 2003

Mississippi State University Honorary Doctorate of Science — 2005




New York Academy of Science

American Society of Plant Physiology

American Men of Science

Western Weed Science Society

Northeastern Weed Control Conference

North Central Weed Control Conference

Council on Agricultural Science Technology

American Chemical Society

Mississippi Weed Science Society

Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – International Treaty Organization – Co-chair, Science Advisory Board, – 1999 – 2003

Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA) Chairperson to the US Government in chemical warfare disarmament negotiations – 1979 – 1994

Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute – Board of Directors

Harvard-Sussex Program on Chemical and Biological Weapons Armament and Arms Limitation –Advisory Board

House Science and Technology Subcommittee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, Research and Environment on Biotechnology – Advisor

Office of Technology Assessment congressional Advisory Panel

Joint Council on Agriculture–Advisor

Keystone National Advisory Committee for Biotechnology

School of Science of Purdue University – Board of Directors

Mississippi State University – Foundation Board and -Technology and Science Board member

Mississippi State University–Executive in Residence – 1992 – 1995

Purdue University Cancer Center – Advisor

Weed Science Society of America – member since 1962, President in 1980, chair of International Conference on Weed control in 1976

Industrial Research Institute – Member

American Arbitration Association– Commercial Panel of Arbitrators

Council for Science and Technology of Agriculture – Board of Directors

St. Louis Academy of Science – Fellow and Board of Directors

Industrial Biotechnology Association – Board of Directors – 1987 – 1993

St. Louis Science Center – Board of Trustees

University & Industry Consortium Founder and Board Member

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals – Board of Directors

Aetos, Inc. Board of Directors




1952                Research Biochemist – Delta Experiment Station (USDA) – Stoneville, Mississippi

                                    Interim job before reporting to Army active duty

1952-54           Captain, U.S. Army, Artillery

1958-60           Research Biochemist – Monsanto Co. Inorganic Division

                                    Worked on new applications for existing products

1960-61           Research Chemist-Agriculture – Monsanto Co. Ag Division

                                    Worked on radioactive precursor to chitin

1961-65           Field Researcher, Ag Development, Herbicides –Monsanto Ag Division

                                    Ran test plots and field research in SE U.S and Asia.

1965-67           Product Development Manager, Herbicides – Monsanto Co. Ag Division

                                    Managed world-wide research in Herbicides

1968-71           Manager Market Development, Monsanto Co. Ag Division

                                    Managed all market development in Ag Division

1971-74           Director of Market Development, Monsanto Co. Ag Division

                                    Held the same responsibilities, with a new title;

1975-77           Director of Product Development –Monsanto Co. –Ag Division

                                    Oversaw all product development

1977-80           Director of Environmental Operations – Monsanto Agricultural Products Co.

                                    Responsible for regulatory and environmental affairs – Ag Div.

1979-92 Chair of Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA) Committee on the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

1980-84           Director of Environmental Management & Policy – Monsanto Corporate. Primary spokesman for Monsanto on environmental issues.

                                    Responsible for regulatory and environmental affairs – Monsanto Corp.

1984-86           General Manager, Technology – Monsanto Agricultural Products Co.

                                    Oversaw all research and development – MAPC

1986-91           Vice President, Technology – Monsanto Agricultural Products Co

                                    Continued in the same job, with a new title

1991-92           Vice President & General Manager, New Products Div. – Monsanto Agricultural Co.   Continued in the same job, with a new title

1992-94           Consultant to Agridyne Technologies, Inc.

1993-96           Consultant to Rohm & Haas Inc.

1998-02           Consultant to First Mississippi Corporation and Executive in Residence at Mississippi State University.

2000-04 Co-Chair, Advisory Committee, for the OPCW (Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons

2000-06           Scientific Advisor to Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2001-03           Consultant to Mississippi Chemical Corporation

2001-09           Board Member and Scientific Advisor to Aetos Technologies, Inc.


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