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will d…a life in science

Becoming an outstanding scientist who would have an instrumental role in furthering technologies to enrich global agriculture and benefit farmers worldwide would be only one of the positive consequences to result from the lessons learned in the heart of the agricultural South and Mid West by Dr. Will D. Carpenter. His scientific contributions during his years at Monsanto would have a substantial impact on increasing world food production, and he would play a major role in the development and commercialization of two of the most momentous agricultural products ever invented, Lasso and Roundup. Perhaps his greatest achievement would be as a significant participant in the structure, signing and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, created to insure world safety. In the midst of his many scientific and humanitarian achievements, he would set himself apart as a skilled leader who would impact the professional lives and direction of countless other scientists and members of the international agricultural community.

Insuring food for millions of people who would otherwise go hungry was the conviction that would drive Dr. Carpenter in his efforts to test and promote products that would benefit global agricultural communities. In the face of repeated attacks from environmental groups and the press, he would confidently hold his own in front of numerous Congressional Hearings, and give expert reasoning as to why the work he had participated in was not only safe for the environment, but substantially improved the lives of millions of people. His strong moral conviction and belief system would never falter, but accompany him as he testified and negotiated throughout his many years of involvement with the development and ultimate realization of the Chemical Weapons Treaty

Present for some of the most significant events of our times, Dr. Carpenter would travel all over the United States and to nearly 80 countries during his extensive career. He would interact with some of the most notable politicians and leaders of the twentieth century, and be considered a friend by a number of them.

Strong leadership capabilities, negotiation skills and a thirst for scientific knowledge would originate in the sleepy Mississippi Delta with his family and friends, but Dr. Carpenter would be positively influenced by many scientists, educators and leaders as well as ordinary folks from all over the world. will d, a life in science will bring to life his noteworthy scientific journey and the many people who walked it with him, including those who affected him negatively as well as the ones who impacted him in countless positive ways.

Dr. Carpenter was compelled to document his life, his work and his accomplishments as a record for the future generations of his family. That purpose was so important to him, that if the work never developed past the manuscript stage, he would be satisfied. It is necessary to note that throughout the writing of the book, he was adamant that his contributions in all areas were no more important than that of the many other participants.


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